How To Use Paid Traffic

2 main paid traffic sources I use are Udimi Solo Ads and Traffic for me

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Of course our favorite paid traffic source is Facebook. Especially Facebook video ads.

The reason I wanted to bring up paid traffic is because I have been watching a lawyer who I have seen running Facebook ads to his website.

I wondered why he was doing it and then I started tracking some of his metrics in AHREFS and Moz. Here’s what I’ve found…

3 Advantages to Running Paid Traffic with Facebook Ads

One: Brand Building

When you run Facebook ads, people all over your city begin to see your face every day. This criminal attorney in Houston has been running Facebook ads for about 2 months. And what I have noticed is that before he was running Facebook ads, the only way people found him was by searching for keywords like “Houston criminal lawyer” and then he was one of ten lawyers listed on page one.

But…and this is HUGE, after all the brand building from Facebook ads, people are finding this lawyer by searching terms like “Dan Lazarine attorney,” or “Lazarine Law firm criminal lawyer,” and you can imagine that for search terms like that he dominates the entire first page.

Two: Google Pixel

Believe it or not, Google is pixeling every browser that visits any site. When people click on this lawyer’s Facebook ad, they are re-directed to his website. Then Google pixels their browser. Most people do not call this lawyer after visiting his site once, but a month later when they search for something like “Houston DWI Lawyer,” Google favors this lawyer in the SERPs because this person just spent 20 minutes on the guys site reading his blog post.

Three: Some People Call

Some people that see the Facebook ad, actually call this attorney and ask him to represent him. My metrics show that this lawyer’s traffic has tripled just from running the Facebook ads. And all that traffic shows Google that this is an active site. It definitely has SEO benefits, but it also has the benefit of just attracting new clients. There really aren’t a lot of searches per month for a Brazoria County DWI Lawyer, so running Facebook ads to that service is genius. But all of the other benefits are amazing.

You can find the Lazarine Law office online at: Texas State Bar Profile.

Posting Your Lawyer Videos On Facebook

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